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Zhejiang Oulun Electric Co., Ltd.
Established in 2009, is a leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners in China. Located in Hangzhou City, near Shanghai, we specialize in researching, manufacturing, and marketing air-related and refrigeration products. Our product range includes dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and portable air conditioners, catering to various industries and applications...
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Our products have gained recognition worldwide and are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.
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Our diverse product range caters to different needs and applications. We offer home dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, industrial air conditioners, and commercial humidifiers.
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With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted brand in the industry.

Our commitment to delivering quality products and excellent customer service has allowed us to build long-term partnerships with clients across the globe.

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