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120 pints Commercial Dehumidifiers, designed to efficiently control humidity in large spaces. Equipped with a 1.45-gallon big water tank and a humidity setting range of 20% to 90%, our dehumidifiers are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. They feature a water full alarm, alerting you when the tank needs to be emptied. With universal casters, these dehumidifiers are easy to move and position wherever needed. They also boast intelligent defrosting capabilities and outage memory function, ensuring continuous operation and maintaining your desired humidity levels. Additional features include a 0-24hr timer, washable air filter for easy maintenance, and the best compressor from GMCC for reliable performance. The whole copper pipe construction of the condenser and evaporator ensures high efficiency. For added functionality, options such as a water pump, hour counter, and hot gas system are available. These dehumidifiers are built to last, with durable galvanized plates featuring a coating surface for water-proof and rust-proof protection.

Product Advantage

Generous 1.45-gallon big water tank for extended operation without frequent emptying.

Wide humidity setting range from 20% to 90%, allowing precise control in commercial and industrial settings.

Water full alarm alerts you when the tank needs to be emptied, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Universal casters for easy mobility and effortless positioning of the dehumidifiers.

Intelligent defrosting feature prevents ice build-up, optimizing performance in low-temperature environments.

Outage memory function remembers and resumes previous settings after a power outage.

Versatile 0-24hr timer for customized scheduling and energy efficiency.

Washable air filter for easy maintenance and cost-effective operation.

Best compressor from GMCC ensures reliable and efficient dehumidification.

Whole copper pipe construction of the condenser and evaporator for high heat transfer efficiency.

Optional water pump for continuous drainage, eliminating the need to manually empty the tank.

Durable galvanized plate with a coating surface, providing water-proof and rust-proof protection for long-lasting performance.

Optional hour counter for tracking usage and maintenance intervals.

Hot gas system option ensures the dehumidifying capacity remains effective even under low-temperature conditions.

Technical Parameters


Product Uses

Our commercial dehumidifiers are suitable for various applications, including:

Warehouses and storage facilities

Manufacturing plants and industrial spaces

Gymnasiums and sports facilities

Server rooms and data centers

Laboratories and research facilities

Basements and underground spaces

Hotels, restaurants, and hospitality establishments

Museums and art galleries

Indoor swimming pools and spas

Product Operate Guide

To ensure a seamless user experience, follow these steps to operate the commercial dehumidifier:

Place the dehumidifier in the desired location.

Set the humidity level using the controls provided.

Adjust the timer if necessary.

Monitor the water tank and empty it when the water full alarm activates.

Clean the washable air filter regularly to maintain optimal performance.

For detailed instructions, refer to the user manual provided with the dehumidifier.

Product Video

Gain confidence in our product by watching the production process video of our commercial dehumidifiers. Witness the quality and attention to detail that goes into every unit, further enhancing your trust in our brand.


Here are some common questions about our commercial dehumidifiers:

Q: Can I use a water pump for continuous drainage?

A: Yes, our commercial dehumidifiers offer an optional water pump feature, allowing for hassle-free continuous drainage.

Q: Is there an hour counter to track usage?

A: Yes, we provide an optional hour counter, which helps you monitor usage and plan maintenance accordingly.

Q: What is the advantage of the hot gas system?

A: The optional hot gas system ensures efficient dehumidifying capacity even in low-temperature environments, making it ideal for specific applications.

Q: How durable is the construction of the dehumidifier?

A: Our commercial dehumidifiers feature a durable galvanized plate with a coating surface, providing excellent water-proof and rust-proof protection.

Q: What is the warranty period for your commercial dehumidifiers?

A: We offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for our commercial dehumidifiers, ensuring your peace of mind and reliable support.


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