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OL50-503E Metal Casing Commercial Dehumidifier

Our Metal Casing Commercial Dehumidifier is an advanced solution for businesses seeking effective moisture control. Enclosed in a durable metal casing, this industrial-grade dehumidifier offers superior performance and reliability even in challenging environments. With energy-saving features and weather resistance, it ensures optimal humidity levels, promoting a healthier and more productive space for your business.
Dehumidify Capacity:
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Body Dimension (D x W x H):
  • OL50-B503E

  • OEM

Product Introduction

The Metal Casing Commercial Dehumidifier is engineered to meet the demanding needs of commercial and industrial spaces. Its robust construction, encased in durable metal, guarantees long-lasting performance and protection against harsh conditions. With a high-capacity moisture extraction system, this dehumidifier efficiently maintains ideal humidity levels, preventing mold growth, condensation, and corrosion.

Featuring energy-saving capabilities, the dehumidifier optimizes power consumption, leading to reduced operational costs. Its user-friendly controls allow for easy customization, while the washable filters ensure convenient maintenance. Whether you operate a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any commercial space, our Metal Casing Commercial Dehumidifier provides an effective and durable moisture control solution.

Product Advantage

5.5L / 1.45 Gallons Big water tank Humidity   setting(20%-90%) Water full   alarm
Universal   casters, easy to move Intelligent   defrosting Outage memory
0-24hr timer Washable air filter Best compressor from   GMCC
Whole copper pipe   for the condenser & evaporator (high effciency) Water pump (optional)
Durable galvanized   plate with coating surface (water-proof, rust-proof) Hour Counter   (optional)
Hot gas system   ensure the dehumidifying capacity under low temperature(optional)

Technical Parameters


Product Uses

  1. Warehouses: Ensure optimal humidity levels to protect stored goods, inventory, and equipment from moisture-related damage.

  2. Manufacturing Facilities: Prevent condensation and maintain ideal conditions for production processes and sensitive machinery.

  3. Server Rooms: Safeguard valuable IT equipment by controlling humidity levels and minimizing the risk of corrosion.

  4. Commercial Spaces: Create a comfortable and healthy environment for customers, employees, and visitors.

  5. Print Shops: Preserve print quality and prevent paper warping by controlling humidity in the printing area.

  6. Museums and Archives: Safeguard precious artifacts, documents, and exhibits from deterioration due to excessive humidity.

  7. Indoor Pool Areas: Manage humidity to prevent moisture-related issues and ensure a pleasant experience for visitors.

  8. Greenhouses: Control humidity to promote healthy plant growth and prevent mold or fungal growth.

  9. Construction Sites: Speed up drying times in newly constructed buildings and prevent material degradation.

  10. Sports Facilities: Maintain an optimal indoor climate for athletes and spectators to enhance performance and comfort.


  1. Q: Is the Metal Casing Commercial Dehumidifier suitable for outdoor use? A: No, this dehumidifier is designed for indoor use only. It is not weatherproof or intended for outdoor applications.

  2. Q: Can the dehumidifier operate continuously without manual intervention? A: Yes, our Metal Casing Dehumidifier can operate continuously with automatic humidity control. It will maintain the desired humidity level without constant monitoring.

  3. Q: How often should I clean the filters? A: We recommend cleaning the washable filters every 2-4 weeks to maintain optimal performance. Clean filters ensure efficient moisture extraction and prolong the life of the dehumidifier.

  4. Q: Does the dehumidifier have adjustable fan speeds? A: Yes, our Metal Casing Dehumidifier offers adjustable fan speeds to customize the dehumidification process based on your specific needs and humidity levels.

  5. Q: What is the warranty period for the dehumidifier? A: Our Metal Casing Commercial Dehumidifier comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty. For further details on warranty coverage and terms, please refer to the product manual.

  6. Q: Can the dehumidifier operate in low-temperature environments? A: Yes, this dehumidifier is equipped to function effectively in low-temperature conditions, ensuring efficient moisture control even in cooler environments.

  7. Q: Does the dehumidifier have an auto-restart feature after a power outage? A: Yes, the Metal Casing Commercial Dehumidifier has an auto-restart function that automatically resumes operation after a power failure, maintaining your chosen settings.

  8. Q: How can I adjust the humidity levels? A: The dehumidifier features an easy-to-use control panel with adjustable humidity settings. You can set the desired humidity level according to your specific requirements.


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