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EURGEEN participate the FEBRAVA 2019

September 10-13,2019,FEBRAVA 2019 was held in Sao Paulo,Brazil,As a well-known domestic and foreign sales company,Oulun Foreign Trade Marketing Center brought new products,dehumidifier and portable air conditioners for export.

During the exhibition, the customers who came to the booth for inquiry and visit the machine were in constant stream. The eurgeen site personnel showed 

the machine

operationand function introduction to the customer. The customer expressed great satisfaction. Many of them intended to leave a business card for the new customer and said

that they would further negotiate after the exhibition.

According to feedback from the customers ,our machines have the following advantages that make

customers feel very interested:

1. Simple and stylish appearance.

2. Full-featured,cost-effective,competitive advantage.

3. Conducive to the development of new markets for customers.

This exhibition is a better start for exporting to the South American market. I believe that through the efforts of various departments of the company, our 

products will be better and better, and the sales share will be more and more, and we will work together to create a better Oulun Group.